The New Testament and history of the Early Church make evident that spiritual direction and development were the norm for all Christians. From the directives of the Apostles and Fathers, through the nurture of local church leaders and brothers and sisters in the community of faith, members were formed and guided towards Christlikeness.

In eras of perceived moral laxity within the church, many serious Christian seekers withdrew to the desert to pursue God and endeavor to become holy with the help of a spiritual guide, called an abba or an amma. This was largely a lay, charismatic movement distant from the church’s hierarchy and led by the Holy Spirit.

For many centuries of the Middle Ages in the West, spiritual direction was seen as the privileged domain of the “spiritual elite,” those in monastic or religious orders: monks, priests and nuns.

Eventually, spiritual direction became more open and connected to the life of everyday Christians and has become focused on holistic spirituality, which embraces the totality of a person’s existence, relationships, and work.

Today, Sherpa: Guidance for the Spiritual Climb offers spiritual direction from a Pentecostal/Charismatic perspective to clergy and Christian lay leaders.

As ongoing spiritual companionship on the journey towards spiritual formation, members of the Sherpa Team offer their professional training and personal experience to help you listen to the Holy Spirit, reflect on and interpret spiritual experiences, and to go deeper into the things of God, including both the fruit and the gifts of the Spirit, in order to become conformed to the image of Jesus Christ and wholly satisfied in God.

Are you ready to accept the invitation?